Utility Service Line Incentive Program


The purpose of the Water and Sewer Service Line Incentive Program is to create a reasonable and cost effective policy which encourages property owners to replace their private service lines that have been identified as in need of repair or replacement. 


This program was created to encourage Fraser property owners to replace private service lines that have been identified to be in need of repair or replacement before the useful life of these lines deteriorates to the point that the line terminally fails. Funding for this program is at the discretion of the Town Board and may be terminated at anytime. 

Why You Should Replace Your Service Line(s)

Leaking water lines waste valuable resources and customer dollars producing water that is never consumed. Leaking sanitary sewer lines can allow excessive groundwater infiltration into the sewer collection system for unnecessary treatment, again costing utility customers unnecessary expenses and potential rate increases for costly system upgrades.

Private Service Line

It is the portion of pipe (water or sewer) where it is tapped into the respective Town-owned main pipe in the public right-of-way (ROW) and serves the adjoining dwelling.

Program Criteria


This program applies to any Fraser property owner of private water or sewer service line(s) which have been identified to be in need of repair or replacement and whose utility accounts are not delinquent.


Property owners participating in this program are eligible for the following incentives:

  • Amnesty for any current violations that may be identified during the Clean Water Compliance Inspection provided that they are addressed during the project.
  • Waiver of Access Permit fees and surety requirements.
  • Waiver of Building Permit fees.
  • Town of Fraser will replace concrete and/or asphalt at Town expense.
  • Property owners may request a 0% loan for up to $7,500 repayable over a 5 year term.
  • Property owners who complete repayment terms are eligible for forgiveness of the final 10% of the original loan amount.
  • Property owners who do not elect to request a 0% loan from the Town, are eligible for a rebate of 25% of the project costs (up to a maximum of $1,875).

Application Process

Property owners interested in applying for this incentive program or who would like additional information should contact the Public Works Department at 970-726-5491, ext. 205.