Snow Management Operations Plan


The purpose of the Snow Management Operations Plan (SMOP) is to provide safe travel on Town streets, public rights-of-way (ROW) and trails for the traveling and pedestrian public by assuring that these areas are kept reasonably clear of snow and ice.

The Town of Fraser Public Works Department works diligently in preparing its staff and equipment to maintain all public rights-of-way (ROW), streets, walks and trails in a safe and passable condition through efficient and effective snow and ice control. This is done in a timely, consistent, safe and professional manner by plowing of snow and the application of traction sand.

How You Can Help

“It takes a Village!” In other words, it takes all property owners, motor vehicle operators and the snow removal crews working together to accomplish this important component of Public Works.

The public can do its part by parking cars off-streets (ROW) and giving the snow plows ample room in traffic to maneuver. In doing so, many stressful situations can be alleviated. Shoveling or plowing snow from private property, sidewalks and driveways into the ROW is prohibited and creates a hazard in the roadway. Snow from your property is to be stored on your property.