Snow Management Operations Plan


The purpose of the Snow Management Operations Plan (SMOP) is to provide safe travel on Town streets, public rights-of-way (ROW) and trails for the traveling and pedestrian public by assuring that these areas are kept reasonably clear of snow and ice.

The Town of Fraser Public Works Department works diligently in preparing its staff and equipment to maintain all public rights-of-way (ROW), streets, walks and trails in a safe and passable condition through efficient and effective snow and ice control. This is done in a timely, consistent, safe and professional manner by plowing of snow and the application of traction sand.


Parking is prohibited at all times on Town streets and rights of way unless otherwise designated by signs. This is intended to provide safety for pedestrians and snowplow operators and for the protection of private vehicles. Vehicles parked in ROW may be ticketed or towed. If you are unsure how far Town ROW extends, please get in touch with Public Works. In most cases, ROW extends at least 15 feet beyond the edge of the pavement. This area is for drainage and snow storage. Parking permits for certain special events may be obtained at the Police Department in advance.


During plowing operations, a row of snow is typically left across driveway openings. With so many driveways, staff cannot avoid snow ending up in these openings, located within Town ROW and designated snow storage areas. The resident or business is responsible for clearing their driveway, including any street-plowed snow that may end up there. Snow removed from driveways and driveway openings cannot be placed in Town ROW. Doing so creates additional hazards and work for Town staff. If you have a private contractor clearing your driveway, please share this information with them. Persons plowing driveway snow onto Town ROW may be ticketed.

Landscape damage due to plowing

Any private landscaping located on public ROW is subject to possible damage from plowing. If Town snowplows do damage such improvements located within Town ROW, they will not be replaced. If the Town plows damage landscaping on private property, the Town will work with the property owner to either replace or relocate those improvements. Marking landscaping that is located on your property can help ensure it is not accidentally damaged.

ADA access

Our plowing routes and priorities are based on a number of factors. ADA access, School Bus, and Summit Stage Bus routes are prioritized, as do the Recreation Center, Town Hall, and Pavilion parking lots.  While we try to address every street in Town as early as possible during a storm, sometimes sidewalks or paths must wait until the streets have been addressed. Sidewalks in commercial areas are given first priority.

How You Can Help

“It takes a Village!” In other words, it takes all property owners, motor vehicle operators and the snow removal crews working together to accomplish this important component of Public Works.

The public can do its part by parking cars off-streets (ROW) and giving the snow plows ample room in traffic to maneuver. In doing so, many stressful situations can be alleviated. Shoveling or plowing snow from private property, sidewalks and driveways into the ROW is prohibited and creates a hazard in the roadway. Snow from your property is to be stored on your property.