Short Term Rental

Short Term Rental Registration

The Town of Fraser recently passed Ordinance No. 449 Series of 2017 establishing rules and regulations relating to the registration and operation of short term rentals (STR). Effective December 17, 2017 all property owners that desiring to rent a residential dwelling or a portion thereof for less than 30 days is required to maintain a current short term rental registration.

Where to Register your STR and your STR business license

The Town is working with MUNIrevs to provide our short term rental registration and short term rental business licensing. The website to register your STR and your short term rental business license is located at  Please contact MUNIrevs directly for any support necessary to register the STR or STR business license at 1-888-751-1911 or If you have any questions about the rules or regulations regarding STR please contact the Town Clerk, Antoinette McVeigh at 970-726-5491 ext. 201 or email.

Registration Requirements

1) Property Owner information. This will include name, physical and mailing address, phone number and email.
2) Proof of ownership. This can be the deed, mortgage statement or water/sewer bill.
3) A local contact or management company available to attend to property problems within one hour. This will include name of contact and phone number for property management company or local contact name and phone number.
4) Parking Plan. To include the number of vehicles, including trailers, boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles etc., that will fit on-site in the driveway as parking on Town Streets is prohibited.
5) Any other information as may be deemed necessary by the Town.

Registration Fee

The registration application fee and annual renewal fee is $150. Registration must be renewed annually, and the annual term for registration shall commence upon approval of the application. Proof of current registration must be posted in a conspicuous location within the Short-Term Rental property.

Business License

The property shall have a Fraser Business License in order to operate in the Town. This may be obtained by the homeowner or a property management company. The property management company will hold one business license for all STRs that they manage. If no property management company is utilized then the property owner will obtain the business license. This application fee and annual renewal fee is $40. The license must be renewed annually, and the annual term for the business license is June 1- May 31. This must also be posted in a conspicuous location, at the home or at the property management company. 

Sales Tax

All STRs must maintain a state sales tax license and remit the required sales and lodging taxes through the Colorado Department of Revenue. Current Sales Tax Rates:
Fraser 5%, County 1.3%, State 2.9% and Lodging 1.8%


Is your property located in Fraser or unincorporated Grand County?
Please use the link below to determine your location. All areas of color are the Town of Fraser.
Fraser Map

Not Located in Fraser? Use this link to access the Grand County Short Term Rental page.

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