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Public Records Request, Colorado Open Records Act

  1. Fraser Colorado
  2. Indicate the information you desire and/or list each requested document.  Please be as specific as possible.  Allow three (3) working days for a search of the records.  Per the State of Colorado Open Records Act (C.R.S. 24-72-203), if the request is substantially large or is maintained off-site, an extension of seven (7) working days is permitted.  You will be notified within three (3) days of any extension and all estimated costs. 

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  4. Notification of Completed Records Request*

    Please select the method you prefer for notification when the records are available.

  5. I would like to receive the records via:*
  6. Receiving Records

    Not all documents are available electronically.  Data manipulation fees may apply. 

  7. Public Records Request Policy

    If you have any questions regarding the policy, what records are protected  or fees please review the full public records request policy.

  8. Questions

    If you have any questions regarding your request, contact the Clerk's office at 970-726-5491 ext. 201.

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