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Fraser Community Influencer Program


The Town of Fraser needs you! In an effort to drive community engagement and marketing The Town of Fraser has established the “Fraser Community Influencer Program”. The goal of the program is to include and engage the community in showing the rest of the world how great Fraser is. The influencers are outfitted with Gopro’s and will gather visual content for marketing and economic development use that is truly unique to The Town from a unique perspective. This is open to individuals and business owners and there is no charge to check out a Gopro.

Reserve GoPro

How it Works:

1. Each influencer will check out a GoPro to create content

2. They will need to sign a release and go through basic training on using the GoPro

3. Each influencer will be given up to a week to shoot and create content

4. After a week the camera with content is dropped off

5. The content is used for marketing and social media

6. After each season a highlight real of Fraser will be edited and shared with the community.

7. There is no guarantee your footage will be used