Cone Zone

Stay up to date on Fraser road construction and detours. 

July 13th, 2020

The 2020 Capital Asset Fund for the Town of Fraser includes pavement and concrete maintenance. This year, the capital plan is to reconstruct County Road 8 (US 40 to Wapiti Drive), the intersection of Eisenhower and US 40, and County Road 72 (US 40 to Johns Drive). In these three roadway segments, the asphalt has deteriorated, and the pavement has failed. Since the pavement is at failure, the plan is to completely rebuild these sections of pavement.

The current anticipated schedule is to begin construction of County Road 8 on or around July 20, 2020. Due to the construction, a complete road closure will occur between the Fraser River Bridge and US 40. A detour for properties on the east side of the Fraser River will be set to direct traffic to CR 804 to access US 40. This detour will be in place for approximately three weeks, weather permitting.

The work on Eisenhower is anticipated to begin on the first part of August with the work on County Road 72 occurring after the work on Eisenhower is completed. Updated Schedules will be provided as the work progresses.