Planning and Engineering

The Planning Department provides professional and technical planning advice to elected officials, appointed commissions, town departments, and citizens to assist in their understanding of the Town of Fraser the Planning Commission, Town Board, and Zoning Board of Adjustment. The Planning Department is involved with planning for growth and development within and adjacent to the Town of Fraser.

The Planning Department is responsible for zoning code, subdivision regulation, land use administration, interpretation, enforcement, and amendments. We strive to provide quality customer service as we coordinate, review and process development proposals and applications and assist and educate the public about the municipal planning and development review process.

The Town of Fraser contracts with Baseline Engineering Corporation for the Town's Planning Department services. They will process and review applications and documentation relating to annexations, variances, zoning, site plan reviews, development reviews, and more.

If there are questions, please contact Julie Esterl, at Baseline Corporation at 303-202-5010 x222 or

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Maps

Through the FEMA Map Service Center website, you can view and research National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) products, including Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS), Flood Insurance Study (FIS) reports, and other mapping products. At this site, you can search for a FIRM in a community using a known address. The address search box is available on the left side of the MSC homepage. You can also create a customized FIRMette, a paper copy of any section of a FIRM produced on your computer. A tutorial for creating a FIRMette is available on the bottom right side of the MSC homepage.

If you are unable to locate the map using the address search, then click on the Product Catalog button, located in the main toolbar on the homepage of the MSC website. Click on the Effective FIRMs / FHBMs button and follow the subsequent prompts. The index map must be used to find the appropriate map panel for the area in question. The index map, typically located at the top of the generated list, always has the letters IND within the map number. Please note an area may have more than one index map.

Interactive Zoning Map