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Snow Management Operations Plan

The purpose of the Snow Management Operations Plan (SMOP) is to provide safe travel on Town streets, rights-of-way (ROW) and trails for the traveling and pedestrian public by assuring that these areas are kept reasonably clear of snow and ice.

Public Works Fleet

                                Frequently Asked Questions

Can I park on town streets in front of my house or while visiting?

Parking on town streets during the winter months is prohibited and vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Parking restrictions are specific to each street as posted on signs along the street.

Why isn't my street plowed first thing in the morning?

With over 37 lane-miles of roadway it is not practical from a resource standpoint to plow every street first thing. When determining route priorities, streets are rated based on a number of factors such as volume of traffic, roadway designation and steepness. Scroll down to view the interactive map showing plowing priorities.

I live on Grand County Road No. ___, and I have concerns about snow maintenance!

In some cases the Town maintains portions of a county road that runs through town limits; however, most numbered county roads are the responsibility of the Grand County Road & Bridge Department at 970-726-5345 or Grand County Sheriff Dispatch at 970-725-3311.

Does the Town use liquid de-icer?

Currently the Town does not utilize liquid de-icer.

Can I pass a snow plow?

By law, snow removal vehicles are considered emergency vehicles when performing their duties; it is against the law to pass a snow plow.  

What is a "Public Right of Way"?

The public right-of-way (ROW) is owned by the Town of Fraser, includes the paved portion of roadway and the dirt shoulders on both sides and abuts the property lines of adjacent properties. ROW widths vary throughout town and can range from 20 feet for a public alley to as much as 80 feet for a main road. In addition to the ROW width, in some cases there may be an additional snow storage easement overlaying the adjoining property which is typically 10 feet in width on one or both sides of the street.This easement allows the Town to utilize a portion of private property for snow storage.

Snow Plowing Priority Map

General Information


Property owners are responsible for clearing the snow berm left behind in their driveways following Town snow plowing operations, which may occur more than once during a 24 hour period. Every effort is taken to minimize this condition; however, it is not feasible for the Public Works crews to return and remove these berms.

Sidewalks and Trails*

The Town clears some sidewalks and trails throughout town in an effort to maintain safe passage for pedestrians. However, it is the ultimate responsibility of all property owners to keep that portion of sidewalk(s) adjoining their property clear of snow and ice. Such snow and ice must be removed within 24 hours following a snowfall or accumulation of a snowdrift. Pedestrian and bike paths are cleared as time allows and after all other roadway snow and ice control operations are completed.

Private Property Snow Removal*

“Property owners are prohibited from pushing, placing or storing snow in or onto the public ROW and must place said snow back on to their property.” Property owners are responsible for providing snow storage on their property. It is unlawful for any person to place snow on any portion of a traveled street, alley, public highway, sidewalk, or driveway constructed as a continuation of sidewalk or bike or pedestrian path in town.

Private Streets, Walks and Trails

There are a number of private streets and walks that are privately maintained throughout town. Private streets are typically maintained by a homeowners association or developer and receive no Town maintenance.  

Slush and Snow Pack Removal

Over time, snow and ice pack builds up on the roadways and it is necessary to bring in specialized equipment to remove the pack. As a result of this operation chunks of packed snow and ice are deposited in driveway entrances. Town crews make every effort to minimize the inconvenience of this blockage and will remove this berm from the driveway as a part of this operation.

Traction Sand

Sand is applied to all intersections, curves and streets whenever conditions warrant the need to improve traction. Public Works uses on average 800 to 1,000 tons of a salt and sand mixture (approximately 8% salt-to-sand ratio) each winter season.

US Highway 40 (North Zerex Street) Maintenance

Maintenance of the through lanes of US Highway 40 through town is the responsibility of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Parking spaces that are located in the CDOT ROW in the business district are maintained by Town crews.

Bulk Snow Storage

The Town maintains several snow storage sites throughout town. When snow storage areas within town limits become full, crews load and haul away these excess piles of snow to dedicated off-site snow storage areas.

Many of these areas are located on private property. The Town holds easements and written agreements with private property owners as well as other governmental agencies for these purposes.

*Note: Fraser Municipal Code Chapter 11, Articles 1- 3, Sec. 11-1-10 thru 11-1-40 


There are several ways to voice comments and make suggestions or offer kudos, ask a question or report a street maintenance issue.


Visit and on the home page click on the “I want to…” tab, then click on the “Report a Problem” link, then click on the “Streets” link. Or, go to the “Government” tab, click on the “Departments” tab, and then click on the “Public Works” tab for the appropriate contact.


Call the Public Works Administration Offices from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday - Friday.
970-726-5491; during the main greeting, enter extension 203 or 205. After hours, please leave a voice mail message. Calls will be returned during normal business hours.


Town of Fraser
Public Works Department
P.O. Box 370
Fraser, CO 80442-0370

 Other Helpful Information:

 All Emergencies  911
Road & Weather Conditions  511

Fraser/Winter Park Police  970-722-7779 (non-emergency)
Grand County Sheriff Dispatch  970-725-3311
Grand County Road & Bridge - Fraser District  970-726-5345
Grand County Road & Bridge - Granby Office  970-887-2123

Colorado State Patrol Dispatch - Craig Office  970-824-2030 or 970-824-5104

Fraser Town Hall 970-726-5491
Town of Fraser - Public Works Maintenance Facility  970-726-5491, ext. 230
Town of Fraser - Public Works Administrative Offices  970-726-5491, ext. 203 or 205
Town of Fraser - Water and Wastewater Offices  970-726-5491, ext. 204 or 205
Upper Fraser Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant Offices 970-726-9621

Winter Park Ranch Water & Sanitation District 970-726-8691
Grand County Water & Sanitation District No.1 970-726-5583
East Grand School District Administrative Office 970-887-2581

Weather and Road Conditions

Colorado Department of Transportation 
Local Weather Forecast

Snow Management Operations Plan Details


The purpose of the Snow Management Operations Plan (SMOP) is to provide safe travel on Town maintained streets, rights-of-way (ROW) and trails for the traveling and pedestrian public by assuring that these areas are kept reasonably clear of snow and ice.

The Town of Fraser Public Works Department works diligently in preparing its staff and equipment to maintain all public ROWs, streets, walks and trails in a safe and passable condition through efficient and effective snow and ice control. This is done in a timely, consistent, safe and professional manner by means of plowing and the application of traction sand.

It takes a village!” In other words, it takes all property owners, motor vehicle operators and the snow removal crews working together to accomplish this important component of Public Works.

The public can do its part by parking cars off-street and giving the snow plows a wide berth in traffic. In doing so, many stressful situations can be alleviated. Shoveling or plowing snow from private property, sidewalks and driveways into the ROW is prohibited and creates a hazard in the roadway.

Crews and Equipment

Presently the PW snow removal crew consists of a Street Supervisor and nine Equipment Operators with varying shift schedules. Additional resources may be called upon when winter storms produce intense, continual snowfall.

The Town operates two shifts during the snowfall months: a day shift and an evening shift. The evening shift provides extended coverage for the Town, especially when the traveling public consists of many drivers that are not accustomed to the environmental conditions that exist in mountain communities. The evening shift overlaps a portion of the day shift in order for the operators to coordinate tasks that will need to be performed from the end of the day shift and prior to the beginning of the following day shift. In addition to coordination of tasks, the evening shift plays a key role in maintaining safe access for priority routes, maintaining school bus and public transit routes and assisting with bulk snow management operations as weather patterns permit.

Public Works is responsible for snow and ice removal from approximately 37 lane-miles of roadway utilizing three plow/sand trucks, three front-end loaders with various snow attachments, two pick-up trucks with plows, a skid loader and a motor grader. Snow removal operations require an extreme level of attention and awareness from the equipment operators in order to safely operate these large and cumbersome pieces of equipment on the road systems. The traveling public needs to keep in mind that this equipment requires a much greater distance to stop, has many blind spots and requires ample room to maneuver.

Parking in the public ROW adds an additional challenge to our snow removal operations. Therefore, parking on Town streets is prohibited and vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Parking restrictions are specific to each street as posted on signs along the streets. When cars are parked in or on a portion of the public ROW, it creates difficult and unsafe conditions for the plow operators to safely navigate the snow and ice removal equipment along these streets. As a result, the streets do not get the proper attention needed to make them safe and passable.

In addition, Public Works clears snow from the parking spaces along US40 (Zerex Street) after CDOT plows come through town and deposit the snow removed from the traveled lanes of the highway into these areas. These parking areas are located in the CDOT ROW. Town crews make every attempt to keep these areas clear as time allows.

Street Priority Ratings

The Town of Fraser has prioritized all roadways through a priority rating system which ranks the streets from One to Three, with One having the highest priority and Three having the lowest priority. Streets are maintained according to these priority ratings based on traffic volumes, grades, school bus and public transit routes, public safety and emergency services access. The Town currently maintains approximately 18 miles of Priority 1 streets; 12 miles of Priority 2 streets; six miles of Priority 3 streets; and almost two miles of On Call alleys, walks, trails and parking areas. That is 37 miles of streets, walks and trails combined!

Maintaining consistency is critical in managing our SMOP so that high priority routes are accessible and safe during snow events.
Priority 1: ArterialPlow and Sand - these streets are typically high traffic volume, steep grades, school and public transit routes including public safety and emergency services access.
Priority 2: Collector and Local Roads - Plow and Sand - these streets are secondary routes used to access arterial and residential streets and may include school and public transit routes. 
Priority 3: Alleys, Trails and Parking Areas   
Plow Only - these areas are maintained as time allows following a storm event, however, they can take up to several days to be cleared depending on weather conditions and resources.
On Call - Plow Only - Byers Peak Ranch/Gold Medal Ranch Road is not Town owned or maintained. Some Grand County Roads in Winter Park Ranch along the public transit route and Grand County Roads 72 and 721 (Fraser Valley Parkway) are maintained as requested from dispatch by the Town of Fraser from 3 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. 

It can take from two to three hours to complete a snow route; however this time may vary significantly depending on a number of factors including: rate of snowfall, pending weather forecast, traffic volume, time of day, topography, availability of snow removal equipment and staff, to mention a few.

Private streets are maintained by homeowners associations, developers and/or private land owners and receive no Town maintenance.

 Click here to view street priority rating in map format.

 Scheduling (November through April)

Snow removal operations start times vary based on current weather conditions, overnight snowfall accumulations, current and pending weather forecasts and/or emergency events.

Maintenance crews are scheduled to provide coverage in the winter months for a total of 16 hours each day. Shifts times vary based upon the following criteria (times are approximate):

  • No forecasted storm event:    Day shift - from 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.
                                                   Evening shift - from 3:00 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. 
  • Forecasted storm event:        Day shift - from 5:30 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. 
                                                   Evening shift - from 3:00 p.m. until 11:30 p.m   

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