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Fraser Sanitation District Dissolution

On November 3, 2009 the Electors agreed to dissolve the Fraser Sanitation District, now what?

The Town of Fraser is preparing to assume the operations of the Fraser Sanitation District and the District Court has issued a Dissolution Order with an effective date of December 31, 2009. Currently, the District and Town are working on the necessary steps to affect dissolution.

“This will be a seamless process for the users of the Sanitation District,” said Jeff Durbin, Fraser Town Manager. “Customers will notice very little, if any, change in sanitary sewer services in Fraser.”

A variety of actions are being taken by the Town to bring the Sanitation District’s functions under the Town’s umbrella.

While the Town has created a new department which will be responsible for management and operations of the Upper Fraser Valley Wastewater Treatment Facility, Fraser Sanitation District staff members have been offered positions within this department comparable to the positions they hold with the District. Management of the wastewater collections system will be the responsibility of the Public Works Department.

The Fraser Town Board plans to establish a Water and Wastewater Committee and will make appointments in the New Year to assist with policy development regarding operation of the water and wastewater utilities. This new committee will report to the Town Board.

The Town Finance Department has created a new Wastewater Fund and Joint Facilities Fund to provide accountability for expenditures related to wastewater operations. The Town recently adopted a series of ordinances which incorporate all of the District rules and regulations into the Town Code.

“When the New Year dawns January 1, 2010, the citizens of Fraser will have one place to go for their water and wastewater needs,” Durbin said. “A layer of government has been eliminated and a new era of consolidated public services will begin.”

Last updated: 12/8/2009 3:18:48 PM